FOMRE ( is a nationwide advertising company that was established to help Real Estate Investors “Find Off-Market Real Estate” investment opportunities. We specialize in connecting Accredited Investors, who are actively seeking to “purchase” Discounted Real Estate Investments in Southern California, with other Investors, Homeowners, & Wholesalers, who are looking to “sell” their own off-market properties, or contracts in Southern California. Call us the “Classified Ads of Off Market Real Estate in Southern California”, not posted on the MLS.

We DO NOT charge for this service.   We ARE NOT Brokers or Agents.

We simply offer a FREE advertising portal for Southern California Investors, Homeowners, & Wholesalers nationwide who are looking to sell their off-market Southern California properties, or contracts themselves, without using an Agent, Broker, or the MLS.

Advertise A Southern California Property or Contract (FREE)

Southern California Investors, Wholesalers, and Homeowners can advertise their “Off-Market” deals with us FREE of charge.  Whenever we receive new ads for Southern California property or contracts, we first send them out to those investors on our VIP Buyers List, giving them exclusive access to the deals for the first 48 hours, before posting them to the general public.

Donations to FOMRE (Optional)

FOMRE doesn’t charge for advertising currently, but we do accept donations.  Please, feel free to advertise your properties, or contracts for FREE.  If you find our company beneficial to you, consider donating in the future to help us continue this program.  This program is paid for by way of corporate advertisers and user donations.