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FOMRE, LLC (Find Off Market Real Estate) is an advertising company that was established to help those looking to “Find Off-Market Real Estate” investment opportunities. We specialize in connecting Accredited Investors, who are actively seeking to “purchase” Discounted Real Estate Investments, with other Investors, Homeowners, & Wholesalers, who are looking to “sell” their own off-market properties. Call us the “Classified Ads of Off Market Real Estate”, not posted on the MLS.

We DO NOT charge for this service.   We ARE NOT Brokers or Agents.

We simply offer Advertising for Investors, Homeowners, & Wholesalers nationwide who are looking to sell their off-market properties themselves, without using an Agent, Broker, or the MLS.

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*Company is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker, or U.S. Investment Adviser. Company is an advertising company, and Consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the condition of any property, or other private investment opportunity advertised on this site, or by way of our Available Properties Lists. This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Only accredited investors should consider investing in real estate and should do their own due diligence prior to any investment. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller.

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